Digital Coast RolePlay (DCRP) has a complex system for moderating player behavior.  The following are the systems, rules, and policies DCRP abides by. 

Legal Disclaimer: By participating in the community you agree to follow the terms and conditions and any instructions given to you by staff.  Donations to the server may come with in, or out of game benefits.  Failure to participate regularly in the community may result in the revocation of any benefits provided.  DCRP Staff reserve the right to remove anyone from the community at any time for any reason as deemed necessary by ownership.

Change Log:

27 Aug 2022 – Added 3.1.19
18 Jun 2022 – Removed 4.2.3
17 Jun 2022 – Added 4.2.3
27 May 2022 – Added 3.1.11 through 3.1.18, 4.2.2
18 May 2022 – Initial Version

Social Credit Score

“50 points to Gryffindor” – Harry Potter Series

DCRP uses a Social Credit Score system.  This system is out-of-character and affects your ability to apply for certain whitelisted job roles in-game, how quickly you can log into the server when it’s full, and the severity of consequences for minor infractions out-of-character.

Each player account is assigned a point value that starts at zero (0) known as their social credit score.  The higher their score, the better benefits they’re able to receive (shorter login queues, regular discount coupons on account features..etc).  Each administrative action taken against them will subtract from their score however.  Over time previous non-serious actions will drop off the list raising their credit score back up. 

Showing up to events, participating in the community and being helpful will be rewarded by having points added to their score.

For each non-serious infraction the player commits, a point value will be subtracted from their social credit score by staff.  If they commit enough infractions their Social Credit Score will move into another tier.  Moving to a new negative tier will usually have additional penalties on further infractions including being kicked from the server, suspensions, Discord Timeouts, and even character/account deletion and permanent bans.

Serious infractions will result in a significant number of points being subtracted from their score and may come with immediate, more serious penalties such as credit score zeroing, kicks, suspensions and bans as well.  Serious infractions do not remove themselves automatically from a player’s history.

Greater than 1000Your own unique vehicle (subject to reasonable restrictions).
750Priority Login on full server, 30% Discount Coupons
500Extra Character Slot
250Vanity Plate for One (1) Vehicle
10010% Discount Coupons
10Eligible to run for Community Office
0Account Default
-10Immediate Kick / Infraction
-2024 Hour Suspension / Infraction
-3024 Hour Discord Timeout / Infraction
-35Suspension from Event Participation
-40Last in Line Login on full server
-5072 Hour Suspension / Infraction
-100Account Reset / Loss of Owned Assets
Less than 100Permanent Ban Hearing

Rules, Regulations & Responsibilities

The following are the codified rules for the Digital Coast RP community. All members of the community are expected to follow these rules at all times.

The following rules include the minimum penalty in square brackets.  This is only a minimum and may be increased at staff discretion when applying the action.  
EG: 98765.4 – [3S] – No Bananas on Tuesdays
The [3S] means breaking this rule will result in a minimum of 3 points subtracted from your social credit score. The S indicates a SEVERE infraction versus N which indicates a NON-SEVERE infraction
Additional penalties may be added including kicks, suspensions, bans, or civil legal penalties at the discretion of Staff according to policies.

1.0 Legal & General

1.1 – [60S] Players will not attempt to exploit, gain unauthorized access to features or components they have no been authorized for, or harvest data or players from any part of DCRP’s technical environments.  This includes using admin or regular commands to perform actions that a reasonable person should infer they should not be using.

1.2 – [3N] Players will not discuss competing games/servers (including Discord servers) that are not partnered with DCRP.    Partners are currently limited to:

1.2.1 – MMO-Radio

1.3 – [5N] Racist, Sexist, or otherwise Discriminatory comments directed towards individuals/groups are not to be used in Discord channels or in-game OOC at any time.  Remember that there are streamers online and you make it difficult for them to work if you are using in-character comments that may be offensive.  Try to find alternatives for in-character story lines whenever possible.  Racial/Discriminatory Slurs are not to be used at any time.  Find alternatives, end of conversation.

1.4 – [60S] Players will not attempt to conduct any real life illegal activities using DCRP resources/community or while in the DCRP community/servers.

1.5 – [10S] Players should not post adult/NSFW images or links in game or in the Discord server.

1.6 – [101S] Players must be at least 18 years old to participate in the DCRP Community

1.7 – [3S] Players must be able to participate in voice in-game, Discord, and on Teamspeak if using an in-game radio. The only exception to this is by Council authorization.

1.8 – [1N] Players will use common-sense when participating in the community and not perform any actions which would be counter to the order, and good governance of the community.

2.0 In/Out-Of-Character (IC/OOC)

DCRP uses the IC/OOC system of roleplay. Anything relevant to your character’s participation in the world is in-character (IC). Anything related to the game/community side of things is out-of-character (OOC)

  • Doing your job is in character, attacking other players is in character, getting arrested is in character, making money is in character, buying things is in character..etc
  • Asking for help on how to use a particular user interface in game is usually out of character. Asking for an admin is out of character..etc

2.1 – [1N] Whenever possible keep in-character. Deal with things in-character first. Use /ooc when you need to be out of character but do not flood the chat with ooc. If you need an admin use /calladmin


2.2 – [1N] The Discord is for Out of Character Only except:

2.2.1 – [1N] For individuals participating in an event in-character driving in the same vehicle. The moment the individuals are outside the vehicle they must no longer be in-character in the discord channel.

2.2.2  During special events as allowed by a Staff Member.


2.3 – [1N] Players must stay in-character except where reasonably necessary to resolve technical issues, instruct new players, when using /ooc and other out-of-character in-game functionality, or by staff permission.

3.0 Prohibited Actions

Certain actions are restricted for DCRP’s own legal protection as well as fairness and moderation and ensuring individuals are not overwhelmed during periods of high intensity gameplay.  The following actions are prohibited in-character:

3.1 In-Character Related

3.1.1 – [5S] Activities involving minors or individuals pretending to be minors.  Anything statutorily restricted.

3.1.2 – [3N] Committing crimes during a Priority Cooldown

3.1.3 – [4N] Respawning after combat without participating in roleplay

3.1.4 – [5N] Combat Logging (Logging off to avoid IC combat/consequences/prison time/respawn time)

3.1.5 – [3N] Flying of aircraft when untrained/unlicensed

3.1.6 – [2N] Metagaming.  Using OOC knowledge to perform in game actions outside of where acceptable.

3.1.7 – [10N] RDM – Random Death Match.  This is not a GTA Online server.  You should have an RP reason for driving up and randomly shooting someone.  Use /gme to roleplay preparation, provide context clues to parties on the receiving end.  They aren’t allowed to metagame and use those clues but it will ensure they’re expecting it.

3.1.8 – [10N] VDM – Vehicle Death Match.  Much like RDM, you require a reason before you run over someone.  If someone’s standing in the road and you accidentally hit them you should either roleplay getting out to help them, calling 911..etc or stop, freak out a bit in /gme and then take off.  During Police chases this is a bit more relaxed but it’s still considered common courtesy to /ooc apologize to them.  Don’t go out of your way to run people over though unless you’ve set up a significant RP reason why.  It’s generally considered

3.1.9 – [5N] Unauthorized Violence during Events.  During events (eg: Racing Days) players should not commit any violence unless preauthorized by Staff as part of the event.

3.1.10 – [3N] Players must wait 15 minutes after committing a crime before changing characters, logging off, or storing any vehicles the felonies were committed in the garage.  If you want to hide the vehicle park it somewhere you can’t see it.  Don’t remove it from the game by putting it in the garage or it makes it almost impossible for Police to find it.

3.1.11 – [3N] Theft of Ambulances/Fire Equipment without prior authorization by admin

3.1.12 – [3N] Trespassing on Fort Zancudo Air Force Base without viable related roleplay (Zancudo is a controlled military installation.  Simply driving your car through the front gate would likely result in your character immediately being disabled by the security barriers and probably shot)

3.1.13 – [3N] Trespassing on Los Santos International Airport secure property without viable related roleplay.

3.1.14 – [5N] Transiting between Cayo Perico and San Andreas without proper notification or viable related roleplay (avoiding radar, disabling sonar…etc)

3.1.15 – [5N] Excessive Felony Speeding in a state vehicle (as a Government Employee, eg: DOT, Police, Fire) without viable related roleplay.

3.1.16 – [6N] Using a non-rail vehicle in rail tunnels without roleplaying disabling damage to the vehicle.

3.1.17 – [1N] Unrealistic Roleplay without valid reason

3.1.18 – [5N] Using a non-offroad vehicle unrealistically offroad without roleplaying damage to the vehicle.

3.1.19 – [0N] Using a Racebike on streets without event authorization will result in the vehicle being deleted if caught or found.

3.2 Out-of-Character Related

3.2.1 – [2N] Players must report bugs in the #bug-reports channel before asking for admin help when time/roleplay permits.

3.2.2 – [2N] Players should “22” roleplay scenarios only when technical issues cause them.  If they make a mistake or miss something they should continue with whatever consequences occur.

3.2.3 – [1N] Players should not ask for admin assistance teleporting or “fixing” their vehicle or retrieving it from an awkward position from an admin except in cases of desync (When the client updates a vehicle position and it suddenly jumps where it was at) or bug.  Whenever possible they should reach out to DOT or a Tow service to pull the vehicle out.  The only exception to this is when authorized by staff for special events.

3.2.4 – [5S] Players should not abuse reporting features or make false reports (out of character).  This includes making excessive in-game 911 calls.

3.2.5 – [2N] If a player disagrees with a roleplay situation (eg: You should be dead) they should immediately ask for a staff member rather than complain about it in-game or Discord.

3.2.6 – [3N] Players must not AFK while on a whitelisted “on duty” character.  A lot of the functionality in the server is based on how many individuals of a job are on-duty.  If you must AFK, inform fellow coworkers on radio/ooc and type /afk.  Failure to do so may result in being kicked from the server, your salary garnished for the period you were AFK, and your dismissal from your job.

3.2.7 – [3N] Players are required to respond to /gme (Global) inquiries.  They must respond truthfully to these but can use in-character status to limit things as well (eg: No one saw the individual, too foggy.  or No Cameras nearby)

4.0 Required Actions

4.1 Out-of-Character Related

4.1.1 – [1N] Players must create a CAD account and register their character as well as verify their API Key within the CAD before roleplaying with the character.  Failure to do so will result in automatic deportation of the character on police interaction to Cayo Perico.  The individual will then need to register their character before returning to San Andreas.

4.2.1 – [1N] Players should not directly tag staff in the Discord Server when a proper process exists for obtaining assistance. – If you wish to suggest something put it in #suggestions – If you wish to report an issue put it in #bug-reports – If you can’t find your car or need something deleted from the database for your character put it in #government-bureaucracy

4.2.2 – [1N] Players playing Police, Fire, EMS and DOT characters must log into the CAD before going on duty.

4.2 In-Character Related

4.2.1 – [1N] Players must follow Staff instructions at all times.

5.0 Staff/Moderators

5.1 – [10S] Players shall respect staff at all times.  This means do not bad mouth them, do not argue with them.  If you are instructed to do something follow those instructions and, if necessary, appeal the case in #government-bureaucracy by stating the following: Request Council Hearing to Appeal Incident involving (Staff Names) on (Date) No further information is to be shared at that time.

5.2 – [20S] Players shall not act as staff or moderators unless they have been granted that title and their name has the role in the Discord.

5.3 – [10S] Staff shall follow higher ranked staff’s direction at all times.  Staff are ranked as follows from senior to junior:

            • Community Council
            • Senior Staff
            • Junior Staff
            • Trial Staff

5.4 – [20S] Staff shall not abuse the permissions or privileges granted to them.  This includes giving themselves cars, money, or other benefits without having been authorized by a Council member.  This includes spawning vehicles they are not explicitly authorized to except when temporarily replacing an individual’s broken vehicle in favor of expediency.

5.5 – Staff Members may temporarily, within reason, suspend rules or allow individuals to do things ordinarily against the rules in order to provide a more entertaining experience at their discretion.  If you disagree with their judgement please request a council hearing by posting in #government-bureaucracy: Request Council Hearing to Appeal Incident involving (Staff Names) on (Date)
No further information to be posted


Amendments to these rules, regulations and policies may be made with reasonable notice to the community.  Once the Change Log at the top of this page is updated and the new rule(s) are announced within the Discord server the rules are enforceable with immediate effect unless otherwise specified.

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